We believe in the value of networks

Progressus = One-Stop-Shop Digitalization

Progressus supports clients with digitalization by bundling technologies and competencies from best-of partners – that combine the power of networks with the benefits of specialization.  Our products help clients to:

  1. Build their own digitalization solution from proven and inter-compatible building blocks;

  2. Define and implement digitalization strategies – while considering all the pre-requisite elements for success;

  3. Grow their business by partnering with others in pan-sector digitalization platforms; and

  4. Conceptualize, validate and execute their transition into the evolving world of value-adding platforms.



Digitilization plug-and-play technology

Professional services

Digitalization solution eco-system

Digital platform support

Client Benefits

Flexibility & complexity reduction

Solution depth and breadth

Innovation & leap-frogging

Implement-ation success and buy in

Flexibility & complexity reuction