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We build systems thinking solutions to
convert waste water into a valuable


Vision and mission

We strive to develop systemic solutions, which optimally link regenerative food production, water management and sustainable development together – with a focus to convert waste water into an asset.

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Relevant for whom?

Agricultural parties and water polluters

Extra farming potential with water that is currently wasted–and ability to naturally polish water (e.g. golf estates,intensive farming sites etc.)

Local and national government

Resolution of major waste treatment and health challenges / risks, reduction of traditional waste water treatmentcosts–while creating local jobs and foo

Off-take parties incl. retailers, traders etc.

Ability to source additional agricultural production and in the process support goals such as BBBEE (ESD etc.),regenerative farming and carbon reduction

Sustainability parties (e.g. Carbon reduction)

Enablement of UN Development goals and the provision of Carbon-and other credits to be traded internationally


Development and roll-out of replicable Business / Solution model with applicability in more than 300 locations inSA and even higher number throughout Africa and other parts of the world


Problems and issues addressed

Waste water is no longer properly cleaned in many of SA’s waste water treatment plants

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Solution provided

Our solution use passive water treatment as a catalyst for productive outcomes

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Solution building blocks

Our solution is modular,
technology enabled and
highly scalable

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Involved parties

We have all the competencies to provide integrated and high-performance outcomes

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