We create optimal digital solution bundles 


We supply solutions for optimized digital value-addition.

There is a choice of three solution models.


Technology-Driven Design

Digitalization using IOT sensors for multiple sectors and applications

Digitalization using Machine vision (MV) technologies

Actionable insights from Big Data, Analytics and Data Science

Digitalization using distributed fiber optic sensing technologies

Business system simulation, optimization and sensor-enabled machine learning

Machine Learning / AI for decision- and process-support


Application-Specific Solutions

Agriculture digitalization solution with various sensing technologies

Facilities Management and Green Energy digitalization solution

Carbon-tax and sustainability digitalization solution

Infrastructure and parameter management solution


Services-Driven Solutions

Digitalization Technology strategy and roadmap solution

Digitalization Skills Management and curriculum development

Digitalization Change- and Paradigm management

Additive manufacturing strategy definition and Roadmap development


Solution design framework

Our solutions combine a number of key aspects to ensure maximum digitalization impact and solution sustainability

Digitalization approach

impact areas

Digitalization roadmap

sectors for digitalization

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